About the Company

SIA Startup Holding is a small privately owned investment management and holding company that serves as legal and organizational structure to realize business ideas and hold investments of its shareholders. SIA Startup Holding also provides financing and management and consulting services for startups or early stage businesses. This is one of the way it finds new investment objects.

In realization of its business projects SIA Startup Holding follows the bootstrapping philosophy. By bootstrapping we understand building a business out of very little or virtually no cash investments. In development of new business projects we rely on resources we can get from our other businesses, sweat equity and lowest possible operating costs. We attract employees by offering them share in future business, increased salary in future and success bonuses, superior training and personal growth opportunities and no or very small regular salary. We use the same approach in case we need to acquire expensive assets or services.

In partnership with our sister companies SIA Assistants to Business (accounting and financial consulting services) and SIA Mini Office (virtual office and shared office services) we offer consulting, assistance and financing to business idea authors and management teams wishing to start or grow their business. For our assistance we usually seek share in the business or a success fee. We do not provide debt financing.